Alternative bleed control kits

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In other videos, we have spoken about bleed-control kits that come in cases, this is just a different type. So this is one that's a vacuum packed or a plastic-type kit. So this one here has got a tourniquet, it's got some hemostatic dressing and it's also got a trauma dressing on. The whole thing is vacuum-sealed, so this is going to keep it hygienic. It does not matter if it gets wet while you are out using them. Easy to store and easy to get. So if you have got multiple casualties, you can just give this to somebody and they can deal with a catastrophic bleed really, really quickly. This is one design that lays flat. There are others that are more like a brick shape and they are a lot more vacuum-sealed so that they fit nicely into kits. So these kits are just exactly the same components that are in other bleed-control kits and other things we have spoken about in our courses. But it's just the format that they're in. So if you see these, that's what they are and you can know to grab them for any critical bleed.

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