Using S.L.I.D.E

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SLIDE Pneumonic: Efficient Communication with EMS during a Terrorist Incident

When involved in a terrorist incident, it's crucial to provide the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with clear, concise, and comprehensive information. The SLIDE pneumonic from citizenAID helps you deliver the necessary information quickly, especially if you're still in danger or hiding from a threat.

Calling for Assistance

First, dial 999 and follow the operator's instructions. Be prepared to answer their questions and keep the line open for them to gather the information they need.

Understanding the SLIDE Pneumonic

The SLIDE pneumonic consists of five components:

1. Situation (S)

Describe the type of incident, the location of the attackers, their numbers, and their appearance.

2. Location (L)

Specify the exact location of the incident, the direction of the attackers, and your hiding place.

3. Injured Numbers (I)

Inform EMS of the number of injured people, including those who are walking, not walking, and children. Mention any visible casualties.

4. Danger (D)

Detail the weapons being used, any ongoing gunfire, other weapons causing the incident, and any explosions you've heard.

5. Emergency Services (E)

State if you have any help with you. The operator will inform you about all available services.

Accessing the SLIDE Pneumonic

The SLIDE pneumonic is available on the citizenAID app, which can be downloaded from the App Store. It is also featured in the citizenAID pocket guide, available for purchase from the ProTrainings store and on