Bleedstopper First Aid Kits

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These are the Bleed Stopper First Aid kits.

Now, the different types of kits here and inside each one of these kits are different levels of equipment. So you've got trauma dressings, you've got gloves, haemostatic dressings, tourniquets. So each of the kits is different and they come in three different main types of casing. There is the soft case and the soft case comes in different sizes. It is a personal pack or this which is the larger pack. Very flexible with all the components inside. It is very easy to attach to your belt if you want to. For the smaller ones and for this particular one here, it has also got a velcro section. So you can literally just push it onto the carpet in the back of your car and it will stay there nice and firmly.

We have then got the peli type cases and these are generally in black boxes but this particular one is a yellow one and there's different versions of this kit as well. There is the forestry kits for anyone working in the forestry sector and these go right up to very large kits, a suitcase size kits and we have multiple casualties so you can have lots and lots of kits effectively inside one kit.

There are also kits in the large pellet cases with AEDs in them and also with the bleed kits and also there is another kit with a conventional first aid kit and also the bleed kit inside it. Another variation on this is a market where you have got the cycling world and they could not carry one of these kits. So we have got this kit here which is a kit that just hangs on the crossbar of the bike and secures. And that is for generally for cycling. So inside that kit there is a lot more other bits that are more relevant to cyclists. There is also a little cycling tool in there as well so that kit is one place where they can carry their first aid equipment and deal with any catastrophic injuries should it occur.

Finally, just inside the kits are all the equipment that we are going to talk about on this course. You have got your tourniquets, gloves, trauma dressings. We will also be talking about chest seals and haemostatic dressings. The good thing about these kits is they all come with extraction cards. Very simple and easy to use. You can see where you put chests or where you will put the tourniquets and full instructions within here as well.

Kits themselves are very easy to use but obviously you need the training to go with them. So, mixed with these kits and this course that you're doing now or nationwide courses then we can teach you exactly what you need to do. But one of these kits are very very good to save a life.