Bleedstopper First Aid Kits

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Bleed Stopper First Aid Kits: Essential for Every Emergency

Explore our versatile range of Bleed Stopper First Aid Kits, each designed to cater to different emergency needs with varying levels of equipment, including trauma dressings, gloves, haemostatic dressings, and tourniquets.

Variety of Kits Available

Our kits are tailored for diverse scenarios, featuring three main types of casings to suit personal and professional requirements.

Soft Case Kits

Available in personal and larger packs, these kits offer flexibility and convenience, easily attachable to belts or secured in vehicles with a velcro section.

Peli Type Cases

Durable and robust, available in various sizes including specialized kits for forestry workers, large-scale emergencies, and combination kits with AEDs or conventional first aid supplies.

Specialised Kits for Cyclists

Designed to hang on the crossbar, these kits not only address catastrophic injuries but also include cycling-specific tools and first aid essentials.

Kit Contents and Usage

Each kit is packed with essential life-saving equipment, from tourniquets to chest seals, complemented by clear instructional cards for effective use in emergencies.

Training and Preparedness

While the kits are user-friendly, proper training is essential. Combine these kits with our comprehensive course or nationwide training programs to ensure readiness to save lives.

Whether for personal safety, professional environments, or outdoor activities, the Bleed Stopper First Aid Kits are indispensable tools for emergency preparedness.