Bleedstoppers bleed cabinet

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Secure Outdoor Bleed-Stopper Cabinet for Emergency Kits

Introducing the Bleed-Stopper External Cabinet: a waterproof, secure solution for storing Bleed-Stopper Kits outdoors, ensuring immediate access for treating catastrophic bleeds.

Features of the Bleed-Stopper External Cabinet

The cabinet is designed for outdoor installation, offering high visibility and protection for emergency bleed-stopper kits.

Visibility and Security

  • High Visibility: The cabinet's bright exterior ensures it can be easily spotted in emergency situations.
  • Lock Options: Equipped with a twist lock or a combination lock for secure yet accessible storage.

Accessibility and Storage

  • Easy Access: Simple opening mechanism allows quick retrieval of kits when needed.
  • Versatile Storage: Capable of housing multiple bleed-stopper kits, including Peli case kits and smaller packs.

Durability and Maintenance

  • Weatherproof Seal: An internal seal keeps contents dry, preserving kit quality.
  • Maintenance: Regular checks of the seal and hinges are recommended to ensure long-term durability.

Installation and Use

Mounted securely on a wall, the cabinet is an essential addition to public spaces, sports clubs, and business premises, offering a vital resource in the event of a bleeding emergency. A clear viewing window allows for easy inventory checks without needing to open the cabinet.


The Bleed-Stopper External Cabinet is a robust, visible, and accessible solution for emergency bleed control, enhancing safety and preparedness in community spaces and workplaces.