Bleedstoppers bleed cabinet

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Now, this is the bleed-stopper external cabinet. What this is, is a cabinet you can put outside. It's waterproof and you can put the bleed-stopper kits in. And if someone had to treat or access the kits for treating a catastrophic bleed, they can easily come to this case, open it up and get the kits out. Now, the box itself on the outside, it's very bright, it's easy to see. There are two options for the actual lock on it. This particular one is a twist lock, but you can also fit them with a combination lock, so you can literally put in the code and that code can be given to them by local businesses or is known by their local sports club, for example, or the emergency services could give the code on how to access it.

What you do with the kit is just open it up and then you get access to the kits inside. On the inside of the box, there is a seal that keeps it dry. The units themselves inside, they hang on the hook. You can put any one of the bleed-stopper kits in here or multiple kits. What we have got here is one of the kits in a Peli case and two smaller kits. So if someone just wants a small one, they can pull these or they can pull the main one out at the top. The kit itself is fixed onto the wall, so it's nice and secure and very easy to see. The only real maintenance on the box is just to check the seal around the outside here and also check the hinges and make sure nothing has been damaged, but this box is extremely strong. Once you have got the kits out, you can close the box off, turn the lock and then it's secure. And if you want to see what's in it, there's a viewing window to nice and easily see what kits are there.