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Welcome to the ProTrainings BleedStopper Catastrophic Bleeding Kit Online Training Course

Discover how to effectively use the BleedStopper bleed kits for catastrophic bleeds through our comprehensive online training course, also available in classroom settings or as a blended learning experience.

Course Overview

This interactive course combines video tutorials, knowledge assessments, and a final test to equip you with the skills to handle catastrophic bleeding emergencies. Accessible on any device, the course offers flexibility to learn at your own pace, with the ability to pause and resume exactly where you left off.

Flexible Learning Options

  • Online Course: Complete the course entirely online at your convenience.
  • Classroom Course: Available nationwide for those who prefer in-person training.
  • Blended Course: Combine online learning with a practical session to reinforce your knowledge.

Interactive Course Features

Enhance your learning experience with interactive course features, including:

  • Video Tutorials: Engaging video content that you can watch and rewatch at any time.
  • Knowledge Reviews: Test your understanding with review questions and receive immediate feedback.
  • Accessibility Options: Subtitle customization and dual video/text display for an inclusive learning environment.

Support and Resources

Benefit from comprehensive support throughout your training, including:

  • Completion Certificate: Download your certificate and access additional resources upon completing the course.
  • Ongoing Access: Enjoy course access for 8 months, with regular updates and new material.
  • Weekly Updates: Stay informed with weekly emails featuring course updates and industry news.

Contact and Support

For more information on practical courses, company training solutions, or any other queries, please get in touch with us via email, phone, or our online chat facility. We're here to support you throughout your training journey.

Thank you for choosing ProTrainings for your BleedStopper Catastrophic Bleeding Kit training. We wish you the best of luck!